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Hawaii Music Supply

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Here at Hawaii Music Supply we have sought out the finest instruments to carry in each persons price range. We take pride in our customer service and we’ll go out of our way to make sure that you are satisfied with any purchase you make. When ordering through us, we will have your instrument shipped out within 2 days of purchase. We thank you for your business, and enjoy our job of providing the best musical equipment at the best prices.

Meet the folks at Hawaii Music Supply:

Andrew - Brings 10 years of ukulele building and repair experience to the store. Along with running Hawaii Music Supply, he keeps a constant eye on the market for cutting edge technology and top quality craftsmanship which he strives to bring to Hawaii‘s musicians at worldwide competitive costs.

Jennifer - The age old saying that behind every great man is a greater woman, holds true here at HMS.

Todd - As a Na Hoku Hano Hano Award winning artist with the group "Nightwing" and a Hawaiian Music Award winner for "Producer of the Year" and "Studio Musician of the Year", Todd plays guitar, bass and ukelele. In addition, he is also an instructor for all three instruments. Being a vocalist as well as a versatile musician, Todd has lent his musical talents to over 60 CD's of varying musical styles from Christian, Hawaiian, R&B and Jazz with the band "Exit8" to the vocals of "Justin", and many many others.

Aaron - Our very own in house Ukulele expert and internet celebrity! You can catch his online ukulele lessons on our Lessons Page or sign up here in person to receive one on one lessons.

Sam - Is heading the drum department. Refer to Sam for help with drums or drum instruction. You can see Sam playing around town as a freelance drummer.

Mike - Incredible guitarist and musician. Whether you've heard him solo or in Melodious Solutions or his latest group Dubkonscious, his playing and musical mastery is always inspiring.

Treacy - The world renown HMS Accountant, keeping everyone happy and all the bills paid is very important to us here and she's the best there is. Also happens to be one heck of a singer songwriter and brings a lot to the talent pool here at Hawaii Music Supply.

Many studies have been done within the past 10 years that show playing music benefits children in many ways. It aids academic aptitude in mathematics, science, and the arts, increases scholastic participation, and cultivates concentration and focused listening. Studies have also shown playing music actually improves the health and happiness of adults and seniors, much like exercise does. We help promote music in our area and feel proud of our role in making the world a better place.